Joke Time! 🥠

Whats the most expensive cookie in the world? Fortune cookies! There are many claims and stories about where the cookies really came from. The original fortune cookies came from Japan and are still sold today. They’re much bigger and made with sesame and miso, creating a more browner dough and a savory taste. The fortune … Continue reading Joke Time! 🥠

Joke Time! 🍩

This joke actually originated while treating ourselves with valentines day gifts at a department store in Solvang (everything valentines was on sale since it the day had already passed). We were looking for a substitute for big rolls of paper to create a month planner when came across these jumbo valentines day cards with donuts … Continue reading Joke Time! 🍩

Joke Time! 🍝

It’s time for another joke. If you’re new to my website and joke posts, you’re in for a treat. If you’re not knew… you’re still in for a treat. What kind of food has a long history? Past-a! Anyone would recognize this food. Eaten around the world, pasta can be used to make loads of … Continue reading Joke Time! 🍝

Joke Time! 🦕

What kind of dinosaur can talk really fast? A Rap-tor The Velociraptor in 1924 by Henry Osborn. It’s been said that it could run at a speed of 40 miles per hour. Many people may think that raptors had scaly skins but in truth, they more likely had feathers. To support this, raptor bones show … Continue reading Joke Time! 🦕

Joke Time! 🏨

What did the tourist say when he walked into his hotel room? Suite! Fun fact: The oldest hotel in the world goes by the named of Nisiyama Onsen Keiunkan, located in Japan. It dates back all the way to 707 AD and has been run by the same family for 46 generations! Ever since I … Continue reading Joke Time! 🏨

Joke Time 🥧

It’s time for another one of my awesome jokes. It was a piece of cake making up this one, or should I say, a piece of pie… What’s a mathematician’s favorite dessert? Pie! Pie Did you you know that the pasty pie, and the symbol of pi, both came from Greece? Romans borrowed the idea … Continue reading Joke Time 🥧

Joke time 🐆

Why do cheetah’s always seem to win games? Because their such Cheat-ah’s. Cheetah’s are known as the fastest land animals in the world, reaching a speed of about 58 miles per hour. In all, they’re second to the sailfish, which can travel in the water at 68 mph, while the peregrine falcon can dive at … Continue reading Joke time 🐆

Joke Time! 🥜

Its time for another joke! This one’s a nutty one. Ha! You get it? Cause this joke is about a nut. A joke inside of a joke! Joke-ception! Here we go! What material did the king use to build his castle? Wall-nuts! Funny right? Here are some facts about walnuts… Walnuts date back all the … Continue reading Joke Time! 🥜

Joke Time 🐓 💰

What kind of currency do you cook? Golden Nuggets! Chicken Fact: Chicken Nuggets were invented in 1950 by Robert C. Baker (kind of an appropriate name). Before they were named nuggets, they were called Chicken Crispe’s. Gold fact: The biggest piece of gold ever found is called the Welcome Stranger. Discovered in 1969, by John … Continue reading Joke Time 🐓 💰