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    Joke Time! πŸ₯ 

    Whats the most expensive cookie in the world? Fortune cookies! There are many claims and stories about where the cookies really came from. The original fortune cookies came from Japan and are still sold today. They’re much bigger and made with sesame and miso, creating a more browner dough and a savory taste. The fortune is wedged in folds of the cookie rather than inside of it. The cookies we know and love today actually originated in America. Born in Japan, Makoto Hagiwara was hired to take care of the tea garden for the 1894 worlds fair after it closed. He claims to have introduced the new version of fortune…

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    Young Achiever Wolfgang Mozart

    Young Achievers have been around even in the olden days. A great example of this is the famed musician who’s legacy has lived on for hundreds of years. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This legend has created over 600 works of musical art. He’s traveled to over 200 major cities in countries like Italy, The Czech Republic, Switzerland and more! Born in the famous city of Salzburg in 1756, Mozart was born into a family 6 siblings, his mother, Anna Maria, and his father, Leopold Mozart who was a skilled composer, conductor and violinist. As a young 3-year-old infant, Mozart watched his father play, teaching his sister how to play the piano.…

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    Joke Time! 🍩

    This joke actually originated while treating ourselves with valentines day gifts at a department store in Solvang (everything valentines was on sale since it the day had already passed). We were looking for a substitute for big rolls of paper to create a month planner when came across these jumbo valentines day cards with donuts on them (I know right?) We were gonna paint or draw over them, but It was only later when we realized the joke written on the inside. It’s now become a sort of family joke. What did the donut say to his loved one? I love you so much! You DONUT even know! The first…

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    Young Achiever Alan Walker

    Alan Walker is one of my favorite musicians, known for his unique way of creating a one of a kind electronic style. I used to call it soothing techno. He’s produced and remixed around 40 songs and has received 30 awards. It was only recently when I discovered his Young Achiever story Alan Walker was born in Northamptonshire England in 1997, but lived most of his childhood life in Bergen Norway where his family roots are. At a very young age, Alan began to grow interested in computer graphics and programming. This hobby will come to serve him later on. Some of his favorite music inspirations were Kenneth Osberg Nilsen…

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    Joke Time! 🍝

    It’s time for another joke. If you’re new to my website and joke posts, you’re in for a treat. If you’re not knew… you’re still in for a treat. What kind of food has a long history? Past-a! Anyone would recognize this food. Eaten around the world, pasta can be used to make loads of dishes and recipes. Lasagna, Tortellini, Rigatoni, Ravioli, Casseroles, and Mac & Cheese! It’s amazing. The first records of pasta date back to the 1st century of AD and describe it as a flat, layered dough sometimes eaten with meet stuffed inside. It was called Lagana and similar recipe is used to make today’s Lasagna. It…

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    2020 Week 18 Recap – A Message From The Turtle

    Welcome to the 18th Week Recap of YouCanCallMeJoshua! What are some of the highlights you’ve experience this week? Anything you’ve discovered or projects you started? For me, I’ve been listening to some great audiobooks like Pages & Co: The Lost Fairy Tales, had calls with friends and family, and I’ve continued working on my book, Young Achievers, that I started through Bestseller in a Weekend. Here are all the posts from last week… 2020 Week 17 Recap Joke Time! πŸ¦• Young Achiever Group 5 I want to tell you about something magical that happened a few days ago. These are some tough times and everyone seems to have their own…

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    Young Achiever Tara Westover

    Tara Westover is quite a unique Young Achiever for a specific reason. She is known around the world for her incredible story of self education during her childhood that would eventually lead to earning her Masters Degree, PhD and write a New York Times Bestseller winning over 20 awards. Here’s her story. β€œWhomever you become, whatever you make yourself into, that is who you always were.” Tara Westover Tara was born in the mountain tops of Idaho on September 27, 1986. She’s one of 7 children with a mother who studied herbs, and a father who worked a junkyard. Both of her parents highly disproved and were skeptical of any…

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    Joke Time! πŸ¦•

    What kind of dinosaur can talk really fast? A Rap-tor The Velociraptor in 1924 by Henry Osborn. It’s been said that it could run at a speed of 40 miles per hour. Many people may think that raptors had scaly skins but in truth, they more likely had feathers. To support this, raptor bones show that their arms had joints like birds and quill knobs for feathers. No wonder birds are decedents of dinosaurs. Image by Adam Baines

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    2020 Week 17 Recap

    It’s time for another Week Recap! I hope you’er all safe and healthy at home. Even during this time of quarantine, there’s lots of opportunity for just about anything. Projects, hobbies, family time and more. For me I started reading the 2nd book in the Pages & Co series which I’ve come to enjoy. I got to build two new LEGO sets, Wonder Woman V.S. the Cheetah and Harry Potter Hogwarts, The Whomping Willow. And lastly, I watched this great documentary about the Behind The Scenes of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. Leave any highlights from your week in the comments below. Here are all the posts from last week……

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    Young Achievers Group 5

    Over 15 weeks ago, I started this Young Achiever series, searching for stories of kids, teens, and young adults who’ve succeeded at things, some grown-ups still wish they could do. I’ve discovered so much through doing this Young Achiever series and every week I am blown away at the dedication, struggle, and accomplishment these kids my own age have done. So these next three weeks, I’ll be bringing you the stories of 3 new Young Achievers. Here’s a bit of a preview of whats to come. Get ready to be blown away. Tara Westover Tara Westover has made a name for herself through her story of self education. Born in…