2020 Week 01 Recap

It’s time for a weekly roundup. So much has happened these past 7 days. I’ve written posts, chilled out, hung out with friends and family, saw the full moon and much more. While writing my daily blog posts for the 90-day challenge, there were times when I questioned what I should write about. But once I figured it out, I was always happy with the end result.

What I’m Writing

Here are the blog posts I released this week:

Animals: The New Generation

The Universe and You Cake Day

British Columbia Travel Diary

Young Achiever Tom Holland

Athens Travel Diary

LEGO Mission Impossible Helicopter Chase

Peril of the President Mini Movie

What I’m “Reading”

Do you prefer to read digital or paper books? Do you prefer reading or listening? I love listening to audiobooks and recently I added a few new ones to my library. Here are some of the titles.

Peter Pan

Love yourself like your life depends on it <A real good one

Interview with the robot

I hope I screw this up <Laugh out loud funny

I Screwed It Up

It was Thursday night, the day my mom’s audible membership ended. But we had one more credit left to get any Audible we wanted for free.

At that time there was the audiobook by Kyle Cease, one of my favorite speakers that I had been wanting to get. But I began doubting whether or not I should. Will I listen to it again? Will I regret it? I was making it a more difficult decision than it needed to be. I didn’t understand why it was so hard to decide.

After talking with with my mom, I learned that sometimes it might not be the small decision like choosing an audiobook, but really more about other factors or decision fatigue. It can be thoughts running wild from the day or week that just now are coming out. It was insightful and it was another opportunity to trust myself. Eventually I just decided to get it.

Overall, this has been such an eventful week. Let me know in the comments what fun things you did and I look forward to seeing you next week!


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