2020 Week 18 Recap – A Message From The Turtle

Welcome to the 18th Week Recap of YouCanCallMeJoshua! What are some of the highlights you’ve experience this week? Anything you’ve discovered or projects you started? For me, I’ve been listening to some great audiobooks like Pages & Co: The Lost Fairy Tales, had calls with friends and family, and I’ve continued working on my book, Young Achievers, that I started through Bestseller in a Weekend.

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Joke Time! 🦕

Young Achiever Group 5

I want to tell you about something magical that happened a few days ago. These are some tough times and everyone seems to have their own versions of challenges. I was talking my mom about this, we came across a turtle just chilling by the beach! We ended up hanging out with him for like 3 hours watching the beautiful sunset. But wait! It gets better. We saw a rainbow!🌈 It was so magical, and showed us that there is the reason for our situation. You just have to spot the beauty in it.

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