2020 Week 17 Recap

It’s time for another Week Recap! I hope you’er all safe and healthy at home. Even during this time of quarantine, there’s lots of opportunity for just about anything. Projects, hobbies, family time and more.

For me I started reading the 2nd book in the Pages & Co series which I’ve come to enjoy. I got to build two new LEGO sets, Wonder Woman V.S. the Cheetah and Harry Potter Hogwarts, The Whomping Willow. And lastly, I watched this great documentary about the Behind The Scenes of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. Leave any highlights from your week in the comments below.

Here are all the posts from last week…

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Young Achiever Group 5

Did you know there was a full moon last week? Did you also know that a full moon symbolizes completion, clarity and understanding of your desires. Looking back on the journey you’ve taken and noticing everything you’ve accomplished. It’s perfect for a time like this.

Coming up next week…

  • A joke about raptors
  • Young Achiever Tara Westover

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