Young Achievers

Young Achievers Group 5

Over 15 weeks ago, I started this Young Achiever series, searching for stories of kids, teens, and young adults who’ve succeeded at things, some grown-ups still wish they could do.

I’ve discovered so much through doing this Young Achiever series and every week I am blown away at the dedication, struggle, and accomplishment these kids my own age have done. So these next three weeks, I’ll be bringing you the stories of 3 new Young Achievers. Here’s a bit of a preview of whats to come. Get ready to be blown away.

Tara Westover

Tara Westover has made a name for herself through her story of self education. Born in a family of 7 children and two parents Tara didn’t have the option to enroll in a normal school. Her parents were skeptical of schools, doctors and any else run by the government. So she took matters and decided to teach herself. Even in those struggles she was able to make her way up to success earning her Masters Degree, publishing a New York Times bestseller, and having connections with people like Bill Gates.

Alan Walker

This masked musician is personally my favorite artist and what go me into the music creation myself. Born in England with Norwegian decent, Alan Walker since the age of 15, has been known for his unique electronic music, winning over 30 awards and nominations, touring around the world.


Everyone knows his name and his incredible works of musical art. He’s been remembered throughout the centuries, he’s none other than Mozart. This child prodigy wrote his first symphony when he was 5 years old! At 14, he gave his first performance. In his entire life, Mozart created 600 pieces of musical art!

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