Joke Time! πŸ₯ 

Whats the most expensive cookie in the world? Fortune cookies! There are many claims and stories about where the cookies really came from. The original fortune cookies came from Japan and are still sold today. They’re much bigger and made with sesame and miso, creating a more browner dough and a savory taste. The fortune … Continue reading Joke Time! πŸ₯ 

Joke Time! 🍩

This joke actually originated while treating ourselves with valentines day gifts at a department store in Solvang (everything valentines was on sale since it the day had already passed). We were looking for a substitute for big rolls of paper to create a month planner when came across these jumbo valentines day cards with donuts … Continue reading Joke Time! 🍩

2020 Week 17 Recap

It’s time for another Week Recap! I hope you’er all safe and healthy at home. Even during this time of quarantine, there’s lots of opportunity for just about anything. Projects, hobbies, family time and more. For me I started reading the 2nd book in the Pages & Co series which I’ve come to enjoy. I … Continue reading 2020 Week 17 Recap

Young Achievers Group 5

Over 15 weeks ago, I started this Young Achiever series, searching for stories of kids, teens, and young adults who’ve succeeded at things, some grown-ups still wish they could do. I’ve discovered so much through doing this Young Achiever series and every week I am blown away at the dedication, struggle, and accomplishment these kids … Continue reading Young Achievers Group 5