Joke Time! 📖

It’s time for another one of my famous jokes. I am literally the King of Jokes. I’m the best in the business, and if you’ve seen my other jokes, you know what I mean (the phrases above are mostly fiction and are for entertainment purposes. Although I’m open to King of Jokes). Here we go!

Where do farmers and kings come to read books? Any guesses…?

Barn-s & Noble!

The idea for the joke came while walking in the Seattle center. That’s when I saw a Barnes & Noble. Now, I’ve seen hundreds of Barnes & Noble’s before, but in this particular moment I noticed something. Barnes sounds a lot like a farmers barn, and noble is another word for kings and royals.

The reason I noticed this was because at that time I had been creating my own jokes and had been looking for wordplay in my everyday life. That’s how I discovered the Snicker-Doodle and Alpaca Joke (although I soon realized I didn’t technically create the Alpaca joke).

Fun fact: Did you know wikipedia has a whole 7,000 word article about jokes? Some of the first recorded jokes date back to the Egyptian period. Talk about a funny history…

In the near future, I might do a blog post about the story of jokes. That’ll be fun don’t you think? Stay tuned for more jokes and blogs.

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