Joke Time! 🦙

Today I’m going to tell you another one of my awesome jokes. If you don’t think it’s awesome, then that’s just an opinion. The truth is it’s the best joke in the world. That was a joke. All right, here we go!

What does an alpaca say when his family is planning for a road trip?

Al – Pac – A Snack!

The idea came to me after watching a LEGO youtube series called Rebrickolous. In the videos they do multiple LEGO based challenges from building a structure that can keep an egg from cracking when dropped, to a guess the build challenge. One of the videos is a Shadow Building Challenge where they have to try to build what they think an object is just by seeing its shadow.

At the end of the video the shadow resembled an alpaca. I noticed that the word pack was in it. So I did some word play and that, my friend, is how this joke was born.

Ok, after doing research I found out I’m not the first one to come up with the Al – Pack – A _______ Joke, but I may be the first one to have the last word be snack. That’s a win right?

Stay tuned for more jokes and blogs.


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