Slovenia Travel Diary

Slovenia is quite an amazing place with exquisite culture and history.

One of Slovenia’s most visited landmarks is Lake Bled. With its lush green forests and turquoise waters its one of the most visited lakes in Europe and its main attraction is Bled Island with the iconic pilgrimage church at its center.

Slovenia has a long history. There is proof of the habitation of humans in the area over 250,000 years ago. An artifact made from bone in the shape of a flute was found in Divje Babe dating back to 43,100 years. The bone flute is thought to be the oldest musical instrument found in the world.

Slovenia has been under the rule of many different countries over the years especially during the Roman Empire. But in 1991 they finally gained their independence as a country from the control of Yugoslavia and they are now part of the European Union.

Fun fact: Slovenians are a very peaceful population ranking 8th in the most peaceful countries in Europe. Every year they have a special ritual celebration called Kurentovanje celebrating the end of winter which has been going on for over 50 years.

Another fact about Slovenia is that along with 12 other countries in Europe the government provides college classes to all international students for FREE. That’s right, you can go to college for free!

Slovenia has a such fascinating history and incredible landscapes. Stay tuned for my travel posts and blogs.


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