2020 Week 03 Recap

Welcome to another week recap! This last week went by so fast with so many great experiences. Built some awesome LEGO sets, continuing to read Star Wars Force Collector which is turning out to be a really cool book.

Did you know that today is one of the rare days with palindrome dates? It’s 0202 in 2020. Isn’t that cool!

But the biggest thing of all was… MY 15TH BIRTHDAY! I got to spend it with my family and went out with friends to celebrate. It was so awesome.

Leave some highlights of your week in the comments below.

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A Year of Growth

Ever since I blew out my candles on my 14th birthday, so much magic has happened. Traveling to 7 new countries. Attending Mindvalley University which entirely shifted my life. Completing writing both of my books, as well as starting a new one. And all the people I’ve met throughout the year. I learned how to speak up and trust myself. I learned how to love myself.

These past 15 years have been a winding road of discovery, emotion and joy. I want to thank all my new and old friends and my beloved family for these last 15 years of growth and creativity.

Coming up next week…

I’ll tell you one of my hilarious jokes, share my incredible visit to Switzerland and Venice, write about the story of Greta Thunberg and my LEGO recreation of a medieval village. It’s gonna be an awesome week!

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