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    Claire and Stella: Two Horses Reunited

    Last week, my mom and I discovered a fascinating and heart warming story about two Belgium Draft horses named Claire and Stella. Have you ever heard of a place called Solvang? Probably not unless you live there. It’s California’s little Denmark, founded by a group of Danes who wanted to build a Danish city in the sun, away from the chill of Denmark. The town is full of windmills, sweet shops, bakeries and… a horse and trolley! Walking along these California/Danish streets, we spotted a trolley, pulled by two Belgium Drafts. Now, we love horses, so this interested us. The trolley named Hønen (the danish word for Hen) is a…

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    Ireland Travel Diary

    Green hills, crashing waters, stone circles and epic castles. There’s nothing anywhere that can match Ireland If you want to see the true beauty of this country, southern Ireland is the place to go. There’s this magical essence wherever you look. Discoveries have shown that civilization in Ireland dates back all the way to 10,500 BC. That’s 12,500 years ago, and you can tell. There are 187 stone circles, 1400 ruins, 387 known passage tombs and 30,000 castles scattered all around Ireland. My family and I were there for a month and even then we couldn’t have seen everything Ireland has to offer. For years and years Ireland was the…

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    Morocco Adventure

    In 2019 my Mom got the amazing opportunity to visit Morocco. Here’s the story. Mindvalley University, one of my favorite annual events was doing a new thing call Adventure. A group of people would sign up for a week long trip in exotic places. The food, transportation and experiences are all planned and included in the ticket. One of those exotic places was Morocco. Now, my family and I are nomadic travelers but… we hadn’t been to Africa yet. So, few weeks after hearing the news she set off to Morocco. While I was in Edinburgh working on my novel for Nanowrimo, my Mom was riding a camel in the…

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    Denmark Travel Diary

    Out of all the places I’ve been, Denmark is definitely one of my favorite countries in Europe. The country of Denmark, consisting of 443 different islands creating an archipeligo, is a jolly wonder. It’s one of the happiest countries in the world, ranking just above Norway. My family and I visited Copenhagen, the capitol of Denmark. It is a city which attracts millions of visitors each year and used to be an old sea town named Havn (Harbor). But being small the town experienced numerous pirate raids. So Bishop Absalon, an advisor to the king, built fortifications to protect the city. As the years passed, more and more merchants came…

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    Into the Unknown

    For the past 3 years my family and I have been nomadic travelers visiting 20 countries including Greece, Switzerland, Norway and way more.  Today our journey starts once again. Where will we go? What will happen? I don’t know. But if I stay open to the possibilities, I’m sure magic will unfold. Trust in the path before you. So let’s see how this plays out… Like the award winning song Into the Unknown from Frozen 2, there’s a voice calling us. You just have to listen and go with the flow.

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    Norway Travel Diary

    Norway, such a magical land with stunning views, landscape and nordic history. Norway is such an incredible country. Part of my heritage is actually Norwegian so that could be one of the reasons I like it so much. Who wouldn’t? With a long history of vikings, kings and fairy tales, it’s a true wonder. Fun facts: Norway came first place in the World Happiness Report in 2017! It has the lowest crime rates in the world and super clean bathrooms! One of the many famous sites in Norway is Pulpit Rock. It was the ending scene for the epic helicopter chase in the movie Mission: Impossible Fallout. This precarious cliff…

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    Prague Travel Diary

    With its impressive gothic architecture, incredible landmarks and a history stretching to 1306 BC, the city of Prague has been widely known as the Golden City, The Heart of Europe and The City of 100 Towers. Let’s go see what this is all about… Prague is the capitol of the Czech Republic, it’s the 13th largest city in the European union, home to over 1.3 million people and the largest castle in the world. That’s quite a mouth full for just a city. Prague’s first settlers were Celtic and named the area Bohemia after the Boii people. After the fall of the Roman empire the Slavik tribes moved in. The…

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    Salzburg Travel Diary

    Hitch a ride on a horse and buggy, marvel at the detailed architecture and look across the city from Fortress Hohensalzburg. Welcome to Salzburg! 173 miles northwest from Slovenia is this exquisite city. The first settlers in what is now Salzburg were the Celts. They were soon followed by the Roman Empire and the german state of Bavaria. The 14th century marked the year Salzburg became independent. The word Salzburg actually means Salt Castle. Around the 8th century barges hauling salt on the river Salzech had to pay a toll as customary to travel on the European rivers. Fortress Hohensalzburg looking down on the city has a pretty interesting background.…

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    Slovenia Travel Diary

    Slovenia is quite an amazing place with exquisite culture and history. One of Slovenia’s most visited landmarks is Lake Bled. With its lush green forests and turquoise waters its one of the most visited lakes in Europe and its main attraction is Bled Island with the iconic pilgrimage church at its center. Slovenia has a long history. There is proof of the habitation of humans in the area over 250,000 years ago. An artifact made from bone in the shape of a flute was found in Divje Babe dating back to 43,100 years. The bone flute is thought to be the oldest musical instrument found in the world. Slovenia has…

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    Venice Travel Diary

    It’s the Floating City, the City of Masks, the City of Water, the City of Canals, the Queen of the Adriatic. What? Ok fine I’ll get on with it. It’s Venice! With over 400 gondoliers rowing on the 150 canals, Venice is the sight to see. Join the 30 million tourists that visit the island every year and gawk at the amazing scenery. The city you see today actually sits on a marshy lagoon. The first inhabitants fleeing from barbarians hid on the island of Torcello, Iesolo, and Malamocco that made up the lagoon. To make the foundation of the city they had to drain out parts of the lagoon, dig…