Word of the Year: TRUST

Trust, that’s my word for the year. Trust myself.

Last year, my word was speaking up for myself (ok, that’s not really a word but just bear with me for a minute). I chose the idea of speaking up for myself last year because I wanted to learn how to speak up for what I truly want. I wanted to express my feelings, and be able to say no. Yep, you know that word.

So after accomplishing the art of speaking up for myself, including in front of an audience of thousands at Mindvalley University, I am now moving toward trusting myself to make a decision and not doubt it. No second guessing, analyzing or over thinking. Just doing it.

The motivational speaker Mel Robbins talks about something similar called the 5 second rule. How you can just say, 5 4 3 2 1 and just do whatever it is you’re delaying.

If I get a drink and a treat at the cafe, I’ll trust I made the right decision. If I want to watch something different, I’ll feel good about it. If I want to visit a certain site, I’ll make it a priority. (See where I’m going with this?) If I want to say no… SAY NO and don’t spend the rest of the day wondering if that was the right choice! If I want that extra scoop of ice cream with chocolate syrup… well you get the point.

Did you know the word trust originated from the northern area of Europe? In areas like Germany, Norway and Denmark? Part of it came from Old Norse traust, treysta. The Danish version is troost, and the German version is trost, all being brought together to become trust. It means strong, courageous and protected.

Trust is the next level for me and this year. You too can pick a word of the year. It can literally be anything. Relax, Energy, Achieve, Cake. 🍰Yes, I said cake. What do you want your year to be? What do you want to accomplish? If you have a word, leave it in the comments below.


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