200 Days of Magic Moments

June 24, 2019. It was the first day of Mindvalley University where the whole world shifted for me. By the third day of the event, so many magic moments had already happened, and I knew I wanted to keep track of it all.

During one of the introductory talks, the speaker Vishen Lakhiani who is CEO of Mindvalley, told us that every morning, we should write an intention and at the end of the day write anything that stood out to you. So, that night I got out my notebook and wrote all the serendipitous, incredible, out of the blue experiences that happened. 200 days later, I have a full book of all my magic moments from over 6 months.

It’s so amazing to look back on those priceless experiences. The people I’ve met, the things accomplished, the places I’ve seen. The little and the big. The times I laughed and cried. As time passed, I started being more specific in my writing. Some days I would have 15 or 20 magic moments in one day.

It could be anything from enjoying my breakfast, visiting Stonehenge for the Autumn Equinox or an unexpected call with a friend.

This daily practice is something you could do too. There was a quote from the book The Alchemist that said “When each day is the same as the next, it’s because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives every day that the sun rises.”

So if you ever feel like you had a bad day or week, you can remember that magic moments can spark all around you.


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