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Young Achievers Group 2

A month ago I started this Young Achievers Series to share incredible stories of kids and teens who accomplished what some used to believe was impossible for their age. I wanted to show that people, no matter their age can pursue what excites them without waiting to “grow up”.

In doing so I’ve gotten numerous comments on my posts and to my surprise they suggested more Young Achievers I hadn’t even heard of. So this next month I’ll be sharing some of those stories. I want to inspire you to do what you love. It’s never too late, nor too early to start.

Greta Thunberg

She is proof that young people can make a global impact. Born in Sweden on January 3rd Greta Thunberg became a young activist protesting against her parliament for stronger action on climate change. Word got out and soon she would travel all over the world campaigning for the health of the world.

Wolf Cukier

This 17 year old teen on his 3rd day of internship at NASA discovered a whole new planet…Yes. Located 1,300 light years away, TOI 1338 b (yes thats its name) has been confirmed as a real planet which orbits two suns. This discovery has made a name for himself and giving him a bright future in the space industry.

George Matus

In high school, inspired by his love of flight George Matus started his own drone company called Teal. After numerous designs he released Teal One followed by Teal Sport. Now the company has raised 16$ in venture funding and his drones are some of the fastest in the market. His goal is to redefine what drones represent and bring a new era of flight.

In the upcoming weeks I’ll be writing about each one of these Young Achievers and how they came about living their passions. If you have any Young Achievers you want to recommend let me know in the comments below (hey that rhymed!)

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