Lego Stores Around The World

If you know me, I love LEGO’s. I also love LEGO stores and since my family and I travel full time as nomads, I have seen many LEGO stores around the world.

One of the prompts for doing this was when my good friend at the LEGO store in the Alderwood Mall introduced me to LEGO passports. If you have one, you can get stamps from any and every LEGO store you go to around the world. You can also collect unique passports from those places like German and Italian passports. So, that’s exactly what we did.


The LEGO store in Rome is pretty cool. It has large scale Roman soldiers on display and a full mosaic of one of Rome’s top attractions, the Trevi Fountain.


The Berlin LEGO store is one of my favorites. Everywhere you look there’s an incredible LEGO structure to behold. A life size LEGO car crashing through a wall, a 3D mosaic of the sites of Berlin, but most of all, I saw a LEGO version of the Brandenburg Gate. It was awesome!


London’s Leicester Square LEGO store is another favorite. They have a full size LEGO dragon/serpent wearing a top hat. A giant LEGO Big Ben tower, a LEGO telephone booth, and a giant London mosaic made of LEGO’s!

One of the highlights is a LEGO subway train that you can actually sit in. While I was there, I met one of the employees named Jacob and we had a great chat. That’s another thing I like to doโ€”meeting people that work at LEGO stores.

Fun fact: If you’ve ever been to a LEGO store, you’ve probably seen LEGO sets (the one’s you can buy, not the big structures) on display. Well, guess what? If you work at a LEGO store, you get to build the LEGO sets on display! Anything from a small beginner set to a giant Star Wars Millennium Falcon. Isn’t that AWESOME!


Lastly, there’s the Copenhagen LEGO store in Denmark, the home of the brick! Although we didn’t go to Billund, Denmark on this trip, which is home to the LEGO factory, going here was a close second.

They had a mini figure scale model of the Nyhavn Waterfront in Copenhagen, a life size LEGO R2-D2, C-3PO and a stormtrooper, a floor to ceiling mosaic of Copenhagen, and of course there’s lots of LEGO sets.

I met 2 new LEGO friends as well, Leon and Adrian. It was so great meeting them and I had tons of fun going there.

I now have 5 stamps on my pass-a-porta! (that line is from a movie). But my LEGO adventures aren’t done yet. In 2020, my mom and I plan to visit… drum roll please ๐Ÿฅ

THE LEGO HOUSE! Stay tuned for more LEGO posts and blogs.

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