2020 Week 06 Recap

It’s time for another week recap. Man, so much has happened. We prepared and set forth on the next leg of our nomadic journey, saw lots of friends and family, visited my old karate school to say hi (did I mention I was a black belt?) and finally we watched the movie Abominable.

Here all the posts from last week.

2020 Week 05 recap

Joke Time!

Prague Travel Diary

Young Achiever George Matus

Norway Travel Diary

BrickCon 2018

Into the Unknown

Coming up next week…

  • One of my fantastic jokes.
  • My experience in Denmark which is the home of LEGO.
  • The short video I made for my mother’s Morocco Adventure.
  • The next group of Young Achievers.
  • Lastly, a surprise post.

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