Peril of the President Mini Movie

The President is in danger! There is no escape. Only the hope of a brave security officer who might be able to save the day. What will happen? Find out in Peril of the President!

Here’s a bit of the story behind the thriller. The Camp David scene was in the lobby of the community center we were staying at. But a group of kids were already in the lobby so we couldn’t shoot cause they’d be too loud and get in the shots. The other option was to do it at our house which I didn’t want to do cause it didn’t capture what I had in mind. So building my courage, I walked in and said “GET OUT OF HERE!”

No, I’m not that mean. That was a joke. Courtesy to Kyle Cease, the inspirational comedy speaker. Very funny. Anyway what I really said was “I was wondering how much longer you’d be, cause my dad and I were planning to film in here.” and guess what? They were making a film too! I would have never known if I would have not spoken up. It all worked out.

If you’ve seen the video above (If you haven’t, please do) you’ll know at the end there’s the big scene where the security officer (me) diffuses the bomb. Original my dad and I had shot it in our storage closet but I wanted something different. So I cleared my extra room, collected some cords, downloaded a Mission Impossible code cracking app and shot the scene all on my own.

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