Joke Time! 🍩

This joke actually originated while treating ourselves with valentines day gifts at a department store in Solvang (everything valentines was on sale since it the day had already passed). We were looking for a substitute for big rolls of paper to create a month planner when came across these jumbo valentines day cards with donuts on them (I know right?) We were gonna paint or draw over them, but It was only later when we realized the joke written on the inside. It’s now become a sort of family joke.

What did the donut say to his loved one?

I love you so much! You DONUT even know!

The first donuts came from the Dutch and were brought to New Amsterdam, the city that would become New York. But, instead of the ringed desserts we know today, they were more like donut holes. They were called olykoeks. The donut’s center wasn’t often cooked all the way so it was filled with nuts and fruits to compensate. It wasn’t until 1847, that a 16 year old boy named Hanson Gregory created the first ringed donut.

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