Joke Time! 🥠

Whats the most expensive cookie in the world?

Fortune cookies!

There are many claims and stories about where the cookies really came from. The original fortune cookies came from Japan and are still sold today. They’re much bigger and made with sesame and miso, creating a more browner dough and a savory taste. The fortune is wedged in folds of the cookie rather than inside of it.

Feature 265]Part 1 Fushimi Inari Shrine and the fox cookies ...

The cookies we know and love today actually originated in America. Born in Japan, Makoto Hagiwara was hired to take care of the tea garden for the 1894 worlds fair after it closed. He claims to have introduced the new version of fortune cookies between 1890, and 1900, inspired by the Japanese original. However, another guy by the name of David Jung, says he created the cookie in 1918. They had a whole court meeting about the two people and ended the conclusion in Makoto’s favor. Although, the debate still lingers.

All in all, fortune cookies are the dessert joy of Chinese and Japanese restaurants and take outs. So, what’s your fortune?

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