Switzerland Travel Diary

With stunning green hills and historic cities, Switzerland is a place full of wonder and magic. It has a fascinating history, so get ready to dive deep.

Everywhere you look in Switzerland there is green. As you pass the snow covered mountains of the Swiss Alps that expand 80,000 square miles you can see yaks and sheep grazing on the land. It’s spectacular.

Switzerland is known as a neutral country as it did not participate in any of the world wars. They didn’t even join the United Nations until 2002 and it’s not part of the European Union. Have you seen the Swiss flag? You may have noticed that the flag looks exactly like the red cross. That’s because the red cross came from Switzerland. It’s a symbol of neutrality and protection just like it’s origin country.

One of the most visited tourist cities is Lucerne with the famous Chapel Bridge. Its main tower had been used as a prison, torture chamber and later becoming the local treasury.

Fun fact: Many of the Swiss speak four languages. French, German, Italian and Romansh which is their own created language.

Switzerland has been the home of many everyday inventions. Velcro, the potato peeler, the Helvetica font, the Swiss Army Knife, Swiss cheese, and milk chocolate. In fact, Switzerland is known as one of the top chocolate making countries in the world, next to Belgium but the Swiss don’t like to admit it. They host 18 chocolate companies, including well-known ones like Lindt, Frey and Callier. 172,376 tons of chocolate were made in the year 2012.

Switzerland is truly a magical place. I’d definitely go again and if you haven’t, pop on over. Stayed tuned for more travel posts and blogs.


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