The Universe and You Series – Money Problems

Got money problems? (If you don’t you can still watch this video) If you do, you’re not the only one. In this short-film you’ll see how a teen girl is wondering how to spend her money. But when the Universe comes to her aid, she finds out, maybe there are other ways to make money.

It was in Canada. My family and I had been watching an inspirational series by Kyle Cease. He talks a lot about how the universe is always trying help you realize your potential while you ignore it. One night my mom and I came up with this wacky idea. What if we did a video series about the Universe? We had so much fun coming up with ideas for videos that two months after, a few days before we set off on our 2019 nomadic trip, we put it to action.

The plot of this story is about a teen girl debating what to do with the little money she has left. Suddenly the Universe shows up, gives her 5 dollars and says “If you don’t touch it, it will grow” and disappears out of sight. Should she take it? Or should she leave it like he said? Who is he anyway, all dressed in polka dot stars?

She decides to fight off the urges to use the money and to her astonishment she’s miraculously rewarded with more. How about that? Could the weird onesie man be right?

So, what are you doing that’s stopping you from receiving money or anything else that you might be chasing? What opportunities are just around the corner? Who knows? Maybe someday the Universe will visit you too. Or maybe he already has I mean I don’t know much about you, but the Universe does know everything about you. So stop eating those Doritos right now!

I had so much fun making this film. We couldn’t stop laughing. The story just kept getting better and better as we shot it. It was such a great experience. Don’t forget to check out my first Universe and You episode Cake Day.

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