Heroes of Tomorrow Mini Movie

They’re, brave. They’re fierce. They’re corky, they’re…kids? Yep it’s the Heroes of Tomorrow!

The idea for this came after watching the trailer for Shazam about a kid who discovers he has super powers. It was during our last month in Seattle before we set off on our 2019 nomadic trip in Europe. I had wanted to make a mini movie and it was when I was discussing ideas with my parents that the idea came. “What if we made something like Shazam? Kids who discover they had super powers?” I loved it. So that’s what we did. We got a few friends together, got costumes, props, everything we needed.

The stories about two kids, a boy and a girl who discover that they have powers! Super strength? Super hearing? What’s going on? Could this mean that they’re…SUPER HEROES!

And of course being kids their totally psyched. They even make their own costumes and in no time they’re ready for action. Crash! Bam! Wee Woo, Wee Woo! 911 go go go! Ok, maybe the action was a bit too early.

A runaway criminal is on the loose. But it was no problem for the newly made heroes. They even aired on TV. All they needed now were superhero names…Thats the one thing that didn’t go so well. Watch it to find out.

When the day of filming came we actually shot 4 mini movies after deciding to film The Universe and You Series. It was so fun making and we couldn’t stop laughing. The story was hilarious and engaging. If you saw the final scene in the video when the heroes are being interviewed, that was partly improv and the things we came up with were just laugh out loud funny. We had such a great time.

Stay tuned for more mini movies and blogs.


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