Joke Time 🥧

It’s time for another one of my awesome jokes. It was a piece of cake making up this one, or should I say, a piece of pie…

What’s a mathematician’s favorite dessert?



Did you you know that the pasty pie, and the symbol of pi, both came from Greece? Romans borrowed the idea (when they took over Greece) and made the first pie that was made with sweet ingredients like honey and goat cheese, while the greeks made their pie with meat. One of the first fruit pies was made in the 1500s. It was Queen Elizebeth who was served a cherry pie.

Now pies can be found everywhere and are a staple dessert for a lot of holidays. It’s so popular that people decided to create the biggest pie in the world, weighing 3,699 pounds!

Pi π

The symbol for pi also came for Greece. For years, many countries tried to estimate the value of pi. But Archimedes is known to be the first to calculate the exact numbers of pi. Later in the 1700s, Leonhard Euler, a Swiss mathematician was the first to use pi in geometry.

Fun fact: A man named Fabrice Bellard, was able to calculate pi all the way up to 2.7 trillion numbers!

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