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ShoeBoxMoses, Online Dance Party

In 2019 of last year, at Mindvalley University, I met Sammy Tagget, AKA, ShoeBoxMoses. He was the DJ for all the parties Mindvalley held, throughout the month long event. He’s been doing this for years, but not just with Mindvalley. He’s been a DJ for Google, Nike, BMW and Virgin Airlines, performing all over the world.

But as the majority of the world are quarantined at home, the beat goes on, as Sammy continues to DJ, hosting daily, virtual online dance parties. Even when we’re all miles away, we can still come together in community.

The video above was edited by me. If you want to find out how you can join the party, go to If you want your own promo for your business or hobby, just visit my Hire Me page, and we can get connected. Until then, keep on dancing!


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