Young Achievers

Young Achievers, Group 4

It’s that time again, are you ready for another incredible group of Young Achievers? After finishing my 90 day blog post challenge, I decided I want to continue this Young Achievers series. Time and time again, I’ve discovered some pretty remarkable stories of kids, and teens who have gone beyond the mindset that you have to be older to live your passion. Who says there’s a specific time to start? Why not now? It didn’t stop them?

So in these coming weeks, I’ll be writing about the three Young Achievers below, bringing light to the fact that they’re not that uncommon. You could, and I believe will be, the next Young Achiever. Wow! That was a good line.

Natalie Portman

Famed actress, star of the Star Wars prequels, and the Thor Franchise, Natalie Portman has been acting ever since she was 12 years old. As well as being an actor in over 50 films, she’s directed at least, 2 movies as well.

Joseph Garret/Stampylonghead

You may not know his name, but any Minecraft lover (especially kids) will know Stampylonghead. The famous Minecraft gaming youtube channel, and my child hood favorite, currently scores 9.3 Million subscribers! It was in 2006, when 16-year-old Joseph Garret, started his channel that slowly grew into a world wide phenomenon, recognized by all..

Terrence Tao

Winner of 28 notable awards, Terence Tao is a mathematical prodigy. At 9, he could do math equations fit for university. At 10 he attended the International Mathematical Olympiad, being the youngest to win all 3 medals. To this date he’s written over 350 research papers and 17 books!

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