Joke Time 🥧

It’s time for another one of my awesome jokes. It was a piece of cake making up this one, or should I say, a piece of pie… What’s a mathematician’s favorite dessert? Pie! Pie Did you you know that the pasty pie, and the symbol of pi, both came from Greece? Romans borrowed the idea … Continue reading Joke Time 🥧

2020 Week 15 Recap

Its time for another YouCanCallMeJoshua week recap! I hope you’re hanging in there during this time of self isolation. As the famous quote says, yesterday is history, tomorrow’s a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present. For me, I’m half way through the Diary of a 6th Grade … Continue reading 2020 Week 15 Recap

Joke time 🐆

Why do cheetah’s always seem to win games? Because their such Cheat-ah’s. Cheetah’s are known as the fastest land animals in the world, reaching a speed of about 58 miles per hour. In all, they’re second to the sailfish, which can travel in the water at 68 mph, while the peregrine falcon can dive at … Continue reading Joke time 🐆

Joke Time! 🥜

Its time for another joke! This one’s a nutty one. Ha! You get it? Cause this joke is about a nut. A joke inside of a joke! Joke-ception! Here we go! What material did the king use to build his castle? Wall-nuts! Funny right? Here are some facts about walnuts… Walnuts date back all the … Continue reading Joke Time! 🥜