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    Young Achiever Terence Tao

    For some kids, Math is not one of their top talents or hobbies. But for others, it’s a passion. Known as the Mozart of Math, Terence Tao is a renowned mathematician. He’s won over 27 notable awards, and has a IQ of 230. Thats the 3rd highest IQ ever recorded! Here’s his story Terence Tao was born on July 17, 1975. His home country Is Australia but his roots are Chinese. It could be said that Terence was born with a gift and a love for numbers. When he was 2 years old, Terence attempted to teach 5-year-old children how to read, and count numbers. You heard me, he taught…

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    Joke Time 🥧

    It’s time for another one of my awesome jokes. It was a piece of cake making up this one, or should I say, a piece of pie… What’s a mathematician’s favorite dessert? Pie! Pie Did you you know that the pasty pie, and the symbol of pi, both came from Greece? Romans borrowed the idea (when they took over Greece) and made the first pie that was made with sweet ingredients like honey and goat cheese, while the greeks made their pie with meat. One of the first fruit pies was made in the 1500s. It was Queen Elizebeth who was served a cherry pie. Now pies can be found…

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    2020 Week 15 Recap

    Its time for another YouCanCallMeJoshua week recap! I hope you’re hanging in there during this time of self isolation. As the famous quote says, yesterday is history, tomorrow’s a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present. For me, I’m half way through the Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja series, I had great calls with friends and family, tried out some new recipes, and got to watch some awesome surfers (I’m in Hawaii if you didn’t know). It was stunning. The sun was setting, the waves were massive, and there were about 20 surfers out on the water. Some did flips and other…

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    My top 5 favorite quarantine books

    Since 90 percent of American citizens, including millions of other families, are staying indoors due to the virus, I want to share some of my favorite books you might want to try out. Some of these I either recently discovered, or have loved for a long time. Most of them you can find using the free library app Libby. Just enter you library card and boom, tons of free kindle and audiobooks. Rangers Apprentice – Libby Rangers Apprentice, my favorite book series of all time. This 11 book series is just full of action and adventure. Will, an orphaned boy in the land of Araluen, gets chosen as an apprentice…

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    How To Make Your Own Turmeric Immunity Shot

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it…. Safely make your way to the grocery store and back, without getting infected by the following enemies: coughers, sneezers, and any surface imaginable to avoid Covid-19. This will be a tough challenge, which is why we have the best gear available. Masks, gloves, dirty clothes you’ve used as your outside clothes and worn a million times, plus… The Turmeric Immunity Shot. How we discovered it… My mom and I were doing a stock up shopping spree at Costco. We do these runs about once a month. There’s no more “I’ll just pop over to the store to get some eggs.” It’s a…

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    Young Achiever Avi Shiffmann

    What would you expect from a teenager quarantined with his parents at home due to the Covid-19? How about creating the most popular Coronavirus tracking website in the world? Pffff, that’s crazy right? No, I’m serious. This 17-year-old teen from Washington took the situation into his own hands and created a whole website from scratch to calculate and clearly show the numbers of people affected by Covid-19. Here’s his story. “I still want to play video games with my friends, its fun to be just like a normal teenager and forget I’m running one of the biggest websites in the world…” Avi Shiffmann Avi Shiffmann, born in 2003, on Mercer…

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    Joke time 🐆

    Why do cheetah’s always seem to win games? Because their such Cheat-ah’s. Cheetah’s are known as the fastest land animals in the world, reaching a speed of about 58 miles per hour. In all, they’re second to the sailfish, which can travel in the water at 68 mph, while the peregrine falcon can dive at 240 mph, faster than any other animal on earth. Fun fact: A Cheetah named Sarah placed the world record of fasted cheetah to run the 100 meter dash, completing it in 5.95 seconds. That’s faster than Usain Bolt! Champion sprinter and the fastest man alive.

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    2020 Week 14 Recap – Hawaii

    What another great week! With the future being unknown, all we can do is enjoy this moment (and wash our hands a million times) what kind of things are you doing in this time of crisis? For me i’ve, discovered a new book series called the Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja, watched the powerful documentary Dolphin’s Reef narrated by Natalie Portman, exercised using a great app called DownDog, got epic shots of waves, and just relaxing. But the biggest news… We just got our first GoPro! The new Hero 8 Black! It’s packed with so many amazing abilities like Hyper Smooth Stabilization and 4k Video. Not to mention it’s…

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    Young Achiever, Joseph Garret

    If you have a kid, or you are a kid, you’ve probably heard of Minecraft (of course you have) and if you’ve heard of Minecraft, you might have heard of the famed YouTuber, Stampylonghead, AKA, Joseph Garret. Joseph Garret is one of the top Minecraft YouTubers out there, with 9.29 million subscribers and over 7.20 billion views! This makes his net worth some up to 14 million dollars! His child friendly, let’s play videos in the world of Minecraft, are full of adventures, stories, how to’s, and challenges that make him the lovable figure he is. He’s been described as the Pee-Wee Herman, mixed with Mr. Rogers. All this started…

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    Joke Time! 🥜

    Its time for another joke! This one’s a nutty one. Ha! You get it? Cause this joke is about a nut. A joke inside of a joke! Joke-ception! Here we go! What material did the king use to build his castle? Wall-nuts! Funny right? Here are some facts about walnuts… Walnuts date back all the way to 10,000 BC, making them the oldest known tree food in the world. They’re also the only nut that has Omega-3 fats, and therefore, are very good for the brain. So eat your nuts kids! Make sure to stay tuned for more jokes and other posts.