My Little Big Shots Submission

When my family and I were still living in Seattle Washington, one of my favorite shows was Little Big Shots. Hosted by the famous comedian Steve Harvey, Little Big Shots is a series of episodes where kids extraordinary talents and skill come to share them with the world. They’re like Young Achievers.

They had all kinds of widely talented kids. A 4 year old Bruce Lee, cotton candy expert, country singer, dancers, 3 year old basketball player, young chefs, young pianist, you name it. Some of the kids I guarantee will surprise you.

Now, if you know anything about me, you know I love LEGO’s. It’s one of my biggest passions. One day, my family and I wondered, what if I could go on Little Big Shots to show off my LEGO skill? But to do so, we had to submit a video explaining what I do and how I do it. Luckily we had just the thing in mind. I would build a LEGO Steve Harvey!

I collected my LEGO bricks and began to build, making sure I added every detail. When I was finished I had a 20 brick high LEGO version of Steve Harvey himself. But I didn’t stop there. For this next build I went bigger. The final design was a foot tall and had all of Steve’s characteristics.

At the bottom you can see he has sharp Stacy Adam shoes, it was my dad’s idea. I had no idea who Stacy was at the time. Further up you can see he’s go the suit, tie, handkerchief along with movable arms. And lastly there’s the head with Steve’s signature mustache. I think it speaks for itself. No, It literally does, move the head and the mouth opens and closes.

Even though I didn’t get on the show, I loved the experience and the creation that came out of it. The reason I loved Little Big Shots so much was because it showed that you don’t have to be “grown up” to be what you want to be. We all have a gift to give, so share it with the world.


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