Joke Time! 🥜

Its time for another joke! This one’s a nutty one. Ha! You get it? Cause this joke is about a nut. A joke inside of a joke! Joke-ception! Here we go! What material did the king use to build his castle? Wall-nuts! Funny right? Here are some facts about walnuts… Walnuts date back all the … Continue reading Joke Time! 🥜

2020 Week 12 Recap

It’s time for the 12th, 2020 Week Recap! Another week has passed! Whether you’re quarantined at home, or… well most of the world is quarantined, so there really isn’t an option, but I think we can we can still find opportunities to find joy, and creativity. For me, I’ve enjoyed listening to my audiobooks, called … Continue reading 2020 Week 12 Recap

90 Blog Posts! 🎉

Welcome to my 90th YouCanCallMeJoshua BLOG POST! It’s time to CELEBRATE! Well technically yesterday’s post was the 90th one, but today can be the celebration! 10 Young Achiever posts, 19 Travel posts, 8 Joke posts, 10 LEGO posts, 6 Film posts, 4 Writing posts, 4 News posts, 10 inspirational posts and 19 others. What a … Continue reading 90 Blog Posts! 🎉