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    90 Blog Posts! 🎉

    Welcome to my 90th YouCanCallMeJoshua BLOG POST! It’s time to CELEBRATE! Well technically yesterday’s post was the 90th one, but today can be the celebration! 10 Young Achiever posts, 19 Travel posts, 8 Joke posts, 10 LEGO posts, 6 Film posts, 4 Writing posts, 4 News posts, 10 inspirational posts and 19 others. What a list! 91 days ago, on January 1st of this year, I started a 90 day content challenge, brought up by a friend of mine. For 90 days, you had to create at least one piece of content. A youtube video, social media post, or in this case, blogging. So that’s what I picked. Everyday, for…

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    Ranger’s Apprentice, The Movie

    Ever since I read the first book in the Ranger’s Apprentice series, I was immediately hooked. The personality of the characters, the action, adventure, and dire moments. Warlords, traitors, nomads, knights, cults, desert tribes, Skandians (the vikings of this world) and so much more. I teared up many times through out the series. When I read most books, being a filmmaker, I always think of how the scenes would out in a movie. With these books, I always imagined what it would look like on the big screen. How would it be shot? Where would the filming locations be? And I also had my own ideas for the cast. Here’s…

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    2020 Week 11 Recap

    Welcome to my 2020 11th Week Recap! Wow, what a week. I don’t know about you, but my week has been jam packed… with relaxing. But that’s not all. I’ve learned and shared some incredible stories on my blog, I’ve been watching movies, listening to audiobooks, and to wrap it all up, I joined a three hour Zoom call with my friend, ShoeBoxMoses, AKA, DJ Sammy, along with an entire group for an ultimate online dance party. Even though we were all hundreds of miles away, In this desperate time, we could still connect and experience love and happiness. It was awesome. Leave any highlights from your week in the…

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    My Top 5 Quarantine Movies

    During this time when most of the world is quarantined in their home, there is tons of time for relaxing, walking outside, listening to free audiobooks and watching movies. So, if you’re looking for any suggestions, here are my top 5… Spies in Disguise – Apple TV Starring Tom Holland and Will Smith, Spies in Disguise is at the top of my list. Walter Becket, a smart young scientist who creates gadgets for an international spy agency, meets typical suave spy, Lance Stirling. Both very different. But when a villain who seeks revenge, threatens not only the agency, but the world, Lance and Walter must join together to take desperate…

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    My Top 5 Favorite Quarantine Audiobooks

    If you’re like most of the people in the world right now, you’re probably staying at home in quarantine with lots of time to yourself. Therefore, a lot of things are becoming free. Audible, the audiobook company has put a hand full of free audiobooks for everyone, little listeners, Elementary kids, Tweens and Teens. There are so many new an entertaining audiobooks I’ve never heard of before. Here’s my top 5 favorites. The Mystwick School of Musicraft In a world where music can produce magical spells, Amelia Jones is a girl with a dream of becoming a Mystro, musicians who can perfect complicated musical spells, and there’s only one place…

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    Honoring the Past – Tae Kwon Do

    My name is Joshua Dawson. I’m a traveling, filmmaking, writing, acting, blogging, music-making 15-year-old. You don’t hear that everyday. On top of all of that, I’m a black belt, and I want to tell you a story about honoring the past. The Journey to Black Belt When I was about 8 years old my family and I lived in Atlanta, Georgia. One day, while driving past a Karate Studio I had seen multiple times, I told my parents I wanted to take on Karate. Soon after, we signed up for ATA (American Tae Kwon Do Association). There, I had a great teacher, Mr. Lower. I trained in that studio learning…

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    Young Achiever Merrick Hanna

    Born on March 22, 2005 (the same year I was born) in San Diego, California, Merrick Hanna has become a dancing prodigy. With his unique robot style of dancing, Merrick has been featured in commercials for H&M, Honda, and Gap Kids. With 750,000 instagram followers, 344K Youtube subscribers and a net worth of $125 million, Merrick Hanna is a “flo bot” phenomenon. Here’s how it all began. At a very young age, Merrick saw a robot which made him want to act like a robot, whether he was eating or walking. It was only the beginning. At 9 years old, while watching America’s Best Dance Crew, Merrick saw the Jabbawockeez…

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    Ranger’s Apprentice

    Ranger’s Apprentice is my favorite book series of all time. I’ve read all 11 books including the two prequels and three sequels, twice! I recommend it to everyone. It’s the book that inspired parts of my own book and willed me to continue. The first Ranger’s Apprentice book, The Ruins of Gorlan, takes place in the kingdom of Araluen in the medieval ages. Will, a small, 15-year-old orphan boy living in the castle ward has a dream to become a dashing knight. But on the day of the choosing ceremony, where wards get the chance to be accepted in the craft of their dreams, he’s rejected. Instead, his whole life…

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    Joke Time 🐓 💰

    What kind of currency do you cook? Golden Nuggets! Chicken Fact: Chicken Nuggets were invented in 1950 by Robert C. Baker (kind of an appropriate name). Before they were named nuggets, they were called Chicken Crispe’s. Gold fact: The biggest piece of gold ever found is called the Welcome Stranger. Discovered in 1969, by John Deason, in Moliagul, Victoria, Australia, it weighs 2,520 troy ounces and is worth 3 to 4 million dollars.

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    2020 Week 10 Recap

    Welcome to the Week 10 Recap of You Can Call Me Joshua! It’s time to celebrate! 🎉 Wow, over 80 blog posts. Thanks for being on this journey with me. Since January 1st, when I started a 90 day blogging challenge, I’ve shared my stories, adventures and experiences including those of many others. Oh, by the way, did I tell you? I’M IN HAWAII! It’s my first time on this beautiful tropical island. It hasn’t even been a week, and I’ve already seen some incredible things, including turtles, parrots, crashing waves, hardened lava, tropical storms and much more. Just wait till we get to the main attractions. Here are all…