• Inspiration

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    Earlier this year, I got to see Sonic the Hedgehog The Movie. I actually enjoyed it. It had lots of action, and a great message about friendship, even amongst differences, how there’s no need to run from difficult things, and a how you should always put your bucket list first. Plus, the movie included LEGOs, and mentioned Olive Garden, which are just a few of my favorite things! The movie reminded me of something that happened in 2019, during Mindvalley University, in Pula, Croatia. Here’s the story. It was a few weeks in, I was sitting outside with a friend at an outdoor cafe, when we saw a baby hedgehog,…

  • Jokes

    What is a joke?

    What is a joke? It’s a phrase, or a made up story made to make you laugh. Some are good, some aren’t, and some are so bad they’re funny. Hopefully, you’ve experience laughter in some point in your life. It’s a blissful feeling. I had recently watched the movie The Croods for the first time. To my surprise is was really good, and kind of fits this current time (if you know what I mean). The world is literally coming apart and a family must leave behind their old beliefs and embrace this new way of living. It had a powerful message about following the light, not hiding in the…

  • News

    How to make your own Olive Garden Chicken Pasta

    Have you ever heard of Olive Garden. Its my favorite restaurant ever. And for good reason. Unlimited bread. Unlimited salad, and sometimes unlimited pasta! Who can say no to that? One dish I discovered while dining there was a Chicken strip pasta, in the make your own pasta section of the menu. Itโ€™s basically Pasta, smothered with sauce, and chicken strips on top. It’s so delicious.  One day I found out a way to make my own at home (eating at home is so much cheaper let me tell you) and today, I want to show you how to do it to. First, get some pasta. Any kind you like.…

  • Young Achievers

    Young Achiever Moziah Bridges

    Born in 2002 in Memphis, Tennessee, Moziah Bridges has turned an inspired idea into a 2 million dollar company called Mo’s Bows. He sells bow ties, neck ties, pocket squares and more. Here’s his story… “I like to wear bow ties, because they make me look good and feel good.” Moziah Bridges Moziah was like any other young boy with a dream and passion. From a young age, Moziah had a taste for fashion and his mom allowed him to wear suits and ties. At the age of 9, when he couldn’t find any bow ties that matched his taste, he decided to create his own. The selection of ties…

  • Inspiration

    Meeting Mindvalley CEO, Vishen Lakhiani

    Born in Malaysia, Vishen Lakhiani is co-founder, and CEO of Mindvalley. Mindvalley has an array of events and programs like Mindvalley University, Mindvalley Live, A-Fest (Awesomeness festival) and the Mindvalley Quest programs, including way more. He’s worked with huge people like Micheal Beckwith, X-Men Coach, Jim Kwik, Lisa Nichols, Eric Edmeades, Miki Agrawal, and so many others. In the summer of 2019, my mom and I attended Mindvalley University in Pula, Croatia. We had no idea what to expect, but when the first day came around, it blew us away. The first person we saw gave us a hug, and we made like 30 friends just that one night. As…

  • Jokes

    Joke Time! ๐Ÿ‡

    It’s Joke Time! Ok, this one’s gonna be good. If you thought the last one was good, just wait till you hear this. What did the fruit say to his girlfriend? Want to go on date? I eat dates as a substitute dessert (along with chocolate of course) there are actually a lot of health benefits from eating dates. It has fiber, protein, potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese, iron and Vitamin B6. Man that’s a long list. Plus, they taste so caramely and delicious. They’re amazing! They are also commonly eaten in Egypt, Morocco and the rest of the Middle East.

  • Blog

    2020 Week 09 Recap

    It’s time for another week recap! Another incredible week has passed. I’ve learned a lot of interesting facts while writing my daily posts, I started listening to the Audiobook version of the Star Wars Force Collector book which I’m enjoying, and, I released the recap video of my Mindvalley Live experience. Leave some highlights from your week in the comments below. Here are all the posts from last week. 2020 Week 08 Recap Joke Time ๐ŸŽ Mindvalley Live Video Recap Alyson Stoner Claire and Stella – The Belgium Draft Horses The LEGO Chima competition Meeting the transformational speaker Lisa Nichols Coming up next week… A joke about dates Meeting Mindvalley…

  • Inspiration

    Meeting Transformational Speaker Lisa Nichols

    She’s the first African-American woman to get a $1 million book deal. She’s coached many of people including Steve Harvey, host of Little Big Shots and Family Feud. She’s been featured in the Documentary The Secret and has spoken at hundreds of seminars. She’s the one and only Lisa Nichols. Lisa Nichols was one of the main speakers at Mindvalley Live 2020 in Los Angeles. From a single mom to success she’s aired on CNN, Fox News and Oprah. She won the LEGO Foundationโ€˜s Heart of Learning Award, The Ambassador Award including many others, and now, she once again came to speak at Mindvalley Live. I’d rather see you get…

  • LEGO

    The LEGO Chima Competition

    In 2015, when my family and I were still living in Seattle, I entered in a LEGO competition called, The LEGO Chima Big Box Challenge. LEGO Chima is a LEGO brand series about 6 Animal tribes made up of the Lions, Crocs, Ravens, Eagles, Bears and Rhinos. The series went through three seasons, the last being Ice V.S. fire. All the tribes, including the newly found Phoenix Tribe, must band together to stop the Ice clans that have risen from the depths. For the challenge, builders from all around the world were tasked to create a LEGO Chima fort or base, for whichever tribe you choose. Ice or fire. But…

  • Travel

    Claire and Stella: Two Horses Reunited

    Last week, my mom and I discovered a fascinating and heart warming story about two Belgium Draft horses named Claire and Stella. Have you ever heard of a place called Solvang? Probably not unless you live there. It’s California’s little Denmark, founded by a group of Danes who wanted to build a Danish city in the sun, away from the chill of Denmark. The town is full of windmills, sweet shops, bakeries and… a horse and trolley! Walking along these California/Danish streets, we spotted a trolley, pulled by two Belgium Drafts. Now, we love horses, so this interested us. The trolley named Hรธnen (the danish word for Hen) is a…