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    There are many names that describe these fantastical creatures. Yeti, Mountain man, but most know them by the Abominable. I recently got the chance to see the new Abominable movie. It was so good! The story is about a yeti who possesses magical powers. Lost in the city of Beijing far from his home, he stumbles across a girl who is also struggling to find her place. On the run from a scientific organization, they take off across China to Mount Everest, towards the yeti’s home. With every step closer to the Himalayas, the yeti, now named Everest and his magical powers grow stronger as he discovers his true potential.…

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    My Little Big Shots Submission

    When my family and I were still living in Seattle Washington, one of my favorite shows was Little Big Shots. Hosted by the famous comedian Steve Harvey, Little Big Shots is a series of episodes where kids extraordinary talents and skill come to share them with the world. They’re like Young Achievers. They had all kinds of widely talented kids. A 4 year old Bruce Lee, cotton candy expert, country singer, dancers, 3 year old basketball player, young chefs, young pianist, you name it. Some of the kids I guarantee will surprise you. Now, if you know anything about me, you know I love LEGO’s. It’s one of my biggest…

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    Morocco Adventure

    In 2019 my Mom got the amazing opportunity to visit Morocco. Here’s the story. Mindvalley University, one of my favorite annual events was doing a new thing call Adventure. A group of people would sign up for a week long trip in exotic places. The food, transportation and experiences are all planned and included in the ticket. One of those exotic places was Morocco. Now, my family and I are nomadic travelers but… we hadn’t been to Africa yet. So, few weeks after hearing the news she set off to Morocco. While I was in Edinburgh working on my novel for Nanowrimo, my Mom was riding a camel in the…

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    Young Achiever Group 3

    For the past 8 weeks, I’ve searched for Young Achievers and their incredible stories. I want to share with the world what I’ve discovered and break the mindset that we have to be a certain age to live our dreams. During the process of writing these posts, I was amazed at how many Young Achievers are out there. At a young age, I never knew any of this was possible. I not only learned that it is, but that it’s possible for anyone, even you. Ed Sheeran If you haven’t heard of him, you’ve heard his work. Edward Christopher Sheeran is a world renowned English singer and song writer recognized…

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    Denmark Travel Diary

    Out of all the places I’ve been, Denmark is definitely one of my favorite countries in Europe. The country of Denmark, consisting of 443 different islands creating an archipeligo, is a jolly wonder. It’s one of the happiest countries in the world, ranking just above Norway. My family and I visited Copenhagen, the capitol of Denmark. It is a city which attracts millions of visitors each year and used to be an old sea town named Havn (Harbor). But being small the town experienced numerous pirate raids. So Bishop Absalon, an advisor to the king, built fortifications to protect the city. As the years passed, more and more merchants came…

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    Joke Time! 🧊 🚲

    It’s Joke Time! Are you groaning? How can you groan when my own, DIY homemade jokes are so good? Here’s my latest joke. What does a Yeti ride to get around the Himalayan mountains? An Ice-cycle! Wasn’t that such a good joke? Thank you, it’s one of my best. Now, here’s a bit backstory about the Yeti. The creature is said to live in the Himalayan mountains near Mount Everest. I recently saw the movie Abominable and although this joke didn’t originate from it, I really enjoyed the movie. Stay tuned to see my post about the Abominable movie and more jokes.

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    2020 Week 06 Recap

    It’s time for another week recap. Man, so much has happened. We prepared and set forth on the next leg of our nomadic journey, saw lots of friends and family, visited my old karate school to say hi (did I mention I was a black belt?) and finally we watched the movie Abominable. Here all the posts from last week. 2020 Week 05 recap Joke Time! Prague Travel Diary Young Achiever George Matus Norway Travel Diary BrickCon 2018 Into the Unknown Coming up next week… One of my fantastic jokes. My experience in Denmark which is the home of LEGO. The short video I made for my mother’s Morocco Adventure.…

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    Into the Unknown

    For the past 3 years my family and I have been nomadic travelers visiting 20 countries including Greece, Switzerland, Norway and way more.  Today our journey starts once again. Where will we go? What will happen? I don’t know. But if I stay open to the possibilities, I’m sure magic will unfold. Trust in the path before you. So let’s see how this plays out… Like the award winning song Into the Unknown from Frozen 2, there’s a voice calling us. You just have to listen and go with the flow.

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    BrickCon 2018

    BrickCon, the renowned LEGO exhibition in Seattle Washington is where hundreds of thousands of LEGO fans of all ages come together in community, celebrating the LEGO brick. LEGO masters from all over the world come to show off their epic master pieces that can just make your jaw drop. It’s amazing. I remember the first time I went to BrickCon in 2016 at 11 years old. I love LEGO’s and while at BrickCon, I felt like I was in LEGO heaven. All around me there were big and small creations. Cities, castles, movie scenes, statues, space ships, battles… (gotta catch my breath) the whole experience was incredible. So in 2018…

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    Norway Travel Diary

    Norway, such a magical land with stunning views, landscape and nordic history. Norway is such an incredible country. Part of my heritage is actually Norwegian so that could be one of the reasons I like it so much. Who wouldn’t? With a long history of vikings, kings and fairy tales, it’s a true wonder. Fun facts: Norway came first place in the World Happiness Report in 2017! It has the lowest crime rates in the world and super clean bathrooms! One of the many famous sites in Norway is Pulpit Rock. It was the ending scene for the epic helicopter chase in the movie Mission: Impossible Fallout. This precarious cliff…